Vision and Objectives

The Life Builders Conference is an organization that aims to train, equip and empower Christian Businessmen and women in various business areas so that they can be effective in the marketplace and contribute to the prosperity of their communities and the eradication of poverty.

Our objective is to create business opportunities for each member and raising the standard of living of those in our families, in our churches and in the poorest communities around us, and also among the under-privileged people in the townships.

The LBC also trains and supports Christians business leaders, entrepreneurs and people already in business so that they will become more effective and impact positively their communities.


The LBC achieves its vision and objectives through conferences, live trainings, business consulting, business and opportunities analysis, lead generation, business connections, legal support and various other actions to make it easy for any one who approach us to succeed in the African market.

The pillars of our activities and effectives relies on our win-win approach at all the level of our connection with our partners. These pillars are:

1. Business Opportunities

The LBC offers the opportunity to all conference participants, members and partners to become Business Intermediaries, Investors or Suppliers, allowing everyone to venture where he/she feels strong and comfortable.

As Intermediary, the person or business receives a certain percentage negotiable for any connections or leads that led to an agreement between a supplier of business projects/opportunity and investors.

An Investor is the person who brings financial investment, material means or a profitable project that can be executed by one of our suppliers or contacts.

A Supplier is the person who benefit from a project proposal he/she presented; it is the person who has a project but has no means. The LBC offers the opportunity to connect with potential investors any time, either through a business presentation or by recommendation.

Note that intermediaries, investors and suppliers must be known and approved by the board of Directors, before any engagement is sealed with the LBC.

2. International exposure

LBC works in connection with international experts from South Africa, The Congo, Mozambique and Gabon, who are already active in the marketplace and are well positioned to share their expertise on the “how” and “what areas” to invest in their respective countries.

This represents a great opportunity for all Participants and Members to learn about other business areas/activities and discover the immense opportunities the Lord places before us in Africa. Therefore, as participant or member and through the LBC, people can connect with LBC international experts, expose their services, products or ideas, and expand their businesses outside in other countries and increase their profits.

3. Education, training and business coaching

LBC aims to be the leader in business training, consulting and coaching in the area of business and in the African market. We are a source of knowledge and training for the community around our local office, and for African Christians businessmen and women so that they become effective and efficient business leaders, able to manage and increase Kingdom resources entrusted to them by the Lord for the advance the Gospel and the improvement of social life.

In order to achieve that, the LBC carefully selects for its conferences, seminars and trainings credible trainers, relevant topics and discussions, supported by practical workshops that will equip, encourage and edify the participants. The LBC sustains this effort with spiritual counselling and support from our partners¾ministers and church leaders.

Future endeavors

The LBC plans, by the grace of God, to expand and open offices in other major African cities, and therefore be available to a larger number of Christians who wants to grow and impact their countries.

In the coming months, the LBC will be present in Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Zambia, and Canada. Speakers will be arriving from various places around the world and will share their knowledge with our communities.

The vision is big and it requires bigger provision. Therefore, the LBC gratefully accept from you any form of support¾spiritual, financial and moral¾in order to achieve this. You can also help us by connecting us and inviting other platforms or relatives to our events.

How to Submit Your Business Opportunity or Project?

Being a company that serves mostly as Business Facilitator, the LBC would gladly accept your business plans, and send it to the appropriate LBC partners and investors. Here the most important elements to include in your business plan, please feel free to use this as a reference.  The business plan can be submitted in a printed version or by email as a PDF document.

A. Executive Summary

An executive summary, or management summary, is a short document or section of a document, produced for business purposes, that summarizes your business plan or proposal in such a way that the investors can rapidly become acquainted with the body of your plan without having to read it all.

It is intended as an aid to the investors and has been described as the most important part of a business plan. It usually contains:

  • a brief statement of the problem or proposal covered in the major document
  • background information such as the nature and volume of the project and the industry (agriculture, manufacturing, construction …)
  • concise analysis: total costs of the project, profit or percentage of profitability
  • main conclusions

The Executive Summary must be presented in one or two pages long, and preferably written in English.

B. Business Plan Content

The content of the business plan must include the following important elements:

  • 12 Month Cash Flow
  • 12 Month Profit and Loss – Income statement,
  • Sales Forecast
  • Balance sheet¾A financial statement that summarize company’s assets, liabilities, capital and specific point in time
  • Execution/starting plan