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Database Projects 

Working with databases can be confusing and time-consuming, which is why we do the work for you so you won’t have to. We do this across leading database platforms, which makes it easy for us to work with any kind of system. This means the capacity to easily accommodate any kind of database system you may already be working with.


Revalús Inc. can help you design and implement new databases, as well as migrate data from one database to another. Optimized database performance means faster operations which is why we offer database performance improvement. This can be done across several platforms, including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • Azure SQL
  • AWS DocumentDB.

Business Analytics 

Whether your business is already an industry giant or an aspiring game changer, Revalús Inc. is ready to deliver business solutions that drive maximum profit through innovation. Even though you might already have an entire team crunching up the numbers, you can use Revalús Inc.’s leading tech to support what you already have, and from there create groundbreaking plans to accelerate results.


We provide an entire package of business analytics where we crunch up the numbers and present them to you in the form of trends, predictions, and analyses. From enterprise analysis to solution recommendations, our algorithms understand the numbers so you don’t have to, and we interpret it so you won’t have to.

  • Gain foresight into your business’ development by looking at recent trends in your current performance and understand how these may affect your future progress
  • Augment operations using our statistics to reach the desired results, within an accelerated timeline
  • Cut back on costly trial-and-error methods by gaining quick and accurate customer behavior and insight on your products and services

Software Solutions

With so many technologies surrounding you, it gets hard to keep track of the best ones that are relevant to your industry. Luckily we know the most recent technologies and platforms that can help you create a defining software for both corporate and public use.


Revalús Inc. offers software solutions that refurbish your own software into a faster, more efficient version of itself. Optimum system performance developed through the latest technology to give you the best.

  • Interface improvement to make your systems more responsive and efficient, also upgrading it for mobile and web access
  • Database migration to the most relevant database versions, serving both NoSQL databases and cloud-based systems
  • Conversion of traditional applications to service-based systems in integrating distributed systems, mobile-based systems, or cloud-based systems
  • Migration to most recent versions of .NET web applications or desktop applications
  • Conversion of existing Windows apps to Linux or Mac OS

Developed through industry-approved languages and technologies such as .NET, C#, CSS, jQuery, jQueryMobile, Angular JS, and many more.

Custom Application Development 

Designing apps for your business has never been easier. We can help you create the next best app that can run seamlessly through desktop and any mobile device as we engineer them with a single code base to make exportation and importation a faster process.


We deliver top-notch applications that are flexible enough to run smoothly on various platforms, across all versions and operating systems. As part of the latest technology, we make sure that your apps and solutions are hosted on cloud-based systems to allow you and your team to view, modify, restore, and update your application any time you want.

  • Customizable web and mobile apps for easier updates, whenever, wherever
  • A dynamic dashboard composed of the best tools for business analytics to help you understand your business better
  • Exclusive app design, interface, and function crafted specifically on your specifications

Mobile Application 

Your business can now be on-the-go. We turn data and complicated systems into easily digestible words and graphs that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Revalús Inc. creates mobile apps that serve as your remote office, one tap at a time.


Because we know that you have to keep moving, we create mobile apps that will perform analytics, crash statistics, as well as manage updates for all your other applications. Revalús Inc. engineers the mother of all your applications to help you perform all your operations at your very own fingertips.

  • Integration of admin portals in order to easily manage user information and data
  • Create business line or public-oriented applications for administrative or commercial use, all of which have guaranteed compatibility with Android and iOS, as well as native web apps
  • Seamless conversion of web desktop application to mobile ones for heightened convenience and accessibility

User Interface Design

User interface is an integral part of customer experience, and as our clients, we strive to provide you with profit-driven designs that operate on the principles of functionality, accessibility, and beauty.


Creating design that captivates and generates sales by combining innovative design principles to help you and your company stand out, with industry-approved protocols that are guaranteed to drive profits through the roof:

  • Visual design, rapid prototyping, and iconography
  • Creation of portals that work across all mobile devices and personal computers to ensure maximum responsiveness
  • Exclusive access to business intelligence dashboards for easier administrative supervision

Software Engineering 

Using C#, C, C++, and Raspberry Pi, we create system-level softwares and applications that can be freely programmed to execute any kind of task you want. Anywhere from agriculture, mining monitoring, to farming can be executed with the greatest level of accuracy and effectivity.

Custom Websites 

Promote your brand through an amazing website. Stay connected with millions of clients from all over the globe with your very own platform. Whether it’s an online portfolio, a landing page advertising your products and services, or an all-around site, Revalús Inc. can craft the perfect website for you and your company.


Extending the power of your vision on your brand online in order to communicate your company’s services and products in a more visual way. We use CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular, and ASP.NET MVC to create your websites from the ground up.

We build all our websites on WordPress.org because we believe this is the platform the most extensive customization and most thorough website analytics compared to others. WordPress’ interface allows programmers and business owners to make seamless updates and changes on their web pages, without having to learn computer languages.

  • Fully interactive websites that provide the best UI and UX for your clients
  • Turn page visitors into customers with captivating designs and page-turning interface
  • Turn dream websites into a reality with fully-customizable themes and layouts that can hold as many pages as you want, with as many interactive features and widgets

Training Leadership and Management 

As a certified John Maxwell coach, we pride ourselves with seminars and workshops in helping you become a great leader. All great businesses are lead by powerful individuals. We believe that, like software, men need upgrades from time to time, and this can be achieved easily through the extensive management courses that we offer.


Our courses, in order to inspire great philosophy on work, communication, and money, have been designed after John Maxwell’s best-selling books:

  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  • Becoming A Person of Influence
  • Leadership Gold
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect 

The courses strive to instill John Maxwell’s popular philosophies in paving your own road toward success, allowing you to step up in your industry as a person of business and as an individual of excellence.