About Us
Revalús Inc. is about two things: inspired business solutions for humans and innovative technological upgrades for software.
  • Enroll in leadership training courses carefully crafted around John Maxwell’s philosophy to upgrade your business management skills
  • Receive business analytics that provide recommendations and solutions for your company
  • Get help starting up your business by developing budding ideas into a sellable product
  • Integrate your company’s data into the most up-to-date cloud-based platforms for smoother and faster performance
  • Enjoy extensive access to the most advanced industry-approved technologies in engineering, design, system importation and exportation, and software development
  • Create stunning profit-driven websites on the world’s leading platform and promote your brand to millions of customers online
  • Craft mobile and web applications tailored to perform specific operations for you anywhere, anytime

Are you ready to change the way you do business?

We started in July 2007 as Kashinda Business Solutions where our priority was to train and coach leaders, so they can grow into their fullest potential. But businesses need help with more than just management and project implementation. After all, businesses don’t only work with men–they work with software. 

This is what gave birth to Revalús Inc. We want to improve how business is done by incorporating technology at the forefront of your business’ growth. Revalús helps businesses in two ways: through leadership management and software development.

We help you build the perfect application from the ground up using cloud-hosted applications for easier use, using various industry-approved technologies in creating various products such as applications, databases, and websites that are made compatible across all computer systems, mobile platforms, and OS versions.

We develop existing software by re-engineering them to give you access to the most powerful platforms available on the market, making your systems more responsive and relevant. We give your existing software a new skin–we convert old software into cloud-based systems, giving you the best out of your own software. We do anything from importing, designing, and improving database-oriented applications to optimizing user interface and design on your website or app.

With Revalús Inc., you put a spin to business ownership and give it a 21st century flair. It that which is defined by you, your management, and your technology.